How It Works

About the OptiLogix calculator

OptiLogix was created by Dr. Larry Tarrant, a Therapeutic Optometrist.  It is an algorithm that uses factors such as age, monitor distance and height to determine one’s needs for readers, computer glasses, occupational glasses, musician’s glasses and any application where detailed visual acuity is required at intermediate distances. 

Dr Tarrant developed the Optilogix to aid eye care professionals and their patients.  It offers an objective, ergonomic assessment of the magnification level required for someone with trouble focusing at near only or with a traditional prescription for distance or bifocal glasses.   

The loss of ability to focus on near objects (accommodation) becomes noticeable to most people between 35 and 45 years of age.  Accommodation is at an optimal level before your teen years.  By age 40, about 50% of the eye’s focusing and flexibility is lost by most people. As age increases, more aid in magnification is required for clear, comfortable vision at near.     

*You should have annual eye exams by an eye doctor to rule out diseases and disorders of the eye.